We express our commitment to eliminating hazards and preventing and reducing risks for our most valuable asset, people.

At Revenga Smart Solutions, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to face the current business challenges. We have to focus on management models that are sustainable in the future. We take responsibility for the impact of our actions. We understand that being socially responsible involves voluntary and active participation, going beyond mere compliance with the laws, to value the impact that the company’s policies have on employees, customers, the environment, and society in general.


Occupational safety is a constant concern in our daily activity and projects, supporting a firm commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions. Revenga Smart Solutions is part of the Network of Healthy Companies, and we express our commitment to the Luxembourg Declaration, managing the health of workers with a comprehensive and integrated approach.

We have declared our commitment to comply with the applicable legislation and regulations on occupational health and safety that apply to us, as well as all other requirements that Revenga Smart Solutions voluntarily subscribes to or that are imposed by stakeholders.

We promote the information, training and awareness of staff regarding the specific risks of their jobs and the preventive measures to be developed in them.

We promote the consultation and participation of workers in the field of occupational safety and health.

We seek to continuously improve the work environment, to eliminate hazards, and prevent and minimize occupational risks, maintaining our commitment to an ongoing improvement of preventive actions.