Revenga Smart Solutions is one of the 500 companies listed in the CEPYME500 ranking, which brings together Spain’s leading companies in business growth.

In the global market, requirements and standards are imposed and transferred from one market to another. It is clear that in some markets such as the US and EU, it is a necessary condition to be able to operate. In projects with multilateral funding and funding from international organizations (EIB, IDB, etc.) as well. As a CEPYME500 company, we value the credential provided by the institutional support of an environment of companies that promote good governance practices.

We rely on the recommendations and publications of the Institute of Family Businesses (IEF). Its Family Business Models, which analyze structural risk as a function of the complexity of the family, the company and its sector and the development of the structure, have enabled us to move forward in the strengthening of the structure itself (Steering Committee, Board of Directors, Family Board and Protocol), with the idea of reducing the company’s structural risk.

Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible