PROJECTS Speedways – Highways

Speedways - Highways


The scope includes the design, supply and installation of new equipment (including safety equipment) in the ten tunnels of the Autopista del Sol and integrating them into the SCADA system. The scope includes the supply of the following equipment:

  • 10 remote stations.
  • 134 video-based help systems.
  • 12.8 km of linear fire-detection system.
  • 10 weather stations to measure precipitation and intensity, wind direction and speed, accurate and reliable visibility, toxic gas detectors (CO, NO2, NO), anemometer and luxometer to measure ambient lighting.
  • 10 public FM frequency operators’ radio relay systems and emergency services.
  • 111 SOS posts.
  • 20 cameras for traffic surveillance and control.
  • 565 100V 30W speakers.
  • 10 communication networks, including an FO network more than 13 km long with 400 layer-2 switches, and ODF equipment specific to the communication network.
Autopista Ausol