PROJECTS Speedways – Highways

Speedways - Highways



The scope includes the design, supply, installation and commissioning of ITS equipment, as well as the control center on the new D4R7 expressway in Bratislava (60 km):

  • 102 VMS gantries and panels with prisms.
  • 105 loop-based traffic flow analyzers, piezoelectric and microwave sensor technology
  • 40 gantries for the classification of heavy vehicles and dangerous goods with 3D laser sections that integrate LPR and ADR cameras.
  • 36 weather stations.
  • 45 emergency box systems.
  • 156 CCTVs installed on the main line and interchange, covering 100% of the highway.
  • 30 CCTV automatic fire detection installed on the Danube Bridge.
  • 4 WIMs integrated in gantries with 3D signals and specific VMS
  • Communications system: 30 communication nodes, more than 150 km of FO network.
  • 40 free-flow gantries.
  • 2 traffic management centers, including an ITS software platform that integrates all of the signals in real time.
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