Revenga Smart Solutions. 50 years providing technology for mobility

On December 21, 1972, Revenga Ingenieros, S.A. was founded, designing and manufacturing Reinsa telephone exchanges for the railway sector.

Through 1 quadded copper cable, we made it possible to for 40 stations to communicate simultaneously. A multi-conference in the 1970s, with a very limited transmission medium.

50 years later, we continue to work for the customers that we started with, Renfe (today Renfe and ADIF) and Metro de Madrid. Over the past 50 years, we’ve added many more customers. Thank you all for your trust.

Since 2018, Revenga Ingenieros, S.A. has been operating under the Revenga Smart Solutions brand. In recent years, we’ve rolled out projects in more than 30 countries, providing technological solutions for smart mobility.

Our solutions and project are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Smart mobility enables us to make a better world.

With a portfolio of more than €120M, 60% of which is outside Spain, our sales in 2022 will exceed €40M, with simultaneous projects in 18 countries.

Thank you to the entire team at Revenga Smart Solutions and to all those who have contributed to this project over the past 50 years.